Florida Swimming
Level 4


STARS REGISTRATION:  Once you know your swimmer’s group assignment, the next step is to obtain the New Swimmer Forms Package from the front desk and complete all of the necessary information. These forms and associated payments must be returned to the front office by your swimmer’s first practice.  A copy of your child’s birth certificate must accompany this paperwork.

USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION: The SouthWest STARS Swim Team competes under the rules of USA Swimming.  Therefore, USA Swimming memberships are mandatory for those wishing to practice and/or participate in swim meets.  Your USA Swimming membership is a secondary insurance policy for your swimmer during practice and swim meets.  The registration form is included in your New Swimmer Forms Package and is also available online on the Florida Swimming website, www.floridaswimming.org under E-Forms.

Registrations must be renewed each fall and returned each year with your annual registration and participation fee. The annual participation fee includes the USA Swimming registration fee, so no additional check is necessary for USA Swimming registration.

If you are transferring from another USA Swimming team, please make sure to let us know, so we can provide you with the forms for transferring your child’s USA Registration in lieu of the standard USA Registration forms.  Also, swimmers must swim unattached for a period of 120 days from their last swim meet with their previous team.  Unattached status does not affect your swimmer in any way other than their inability to be part of STARS relay teams.  Points scored by an unattached swimmer are not added to the team points for the STARS.