SPA Conquers Meek & Mighty Tri

Apr 28, 2019

Many of St. Petersburg Aquatics team members are not just swimmers, but can add a bike and a run to their swimming and become very successful triathletes!  At Saturday's Meek and Mighty Triathlon the following participated in the event and check out some of the top ten finishes next to their names:

7 year old - Beata Higgins (1st), Sutton Hansen (6th)

8 year old - Eve Munkittrick (1st), Conner Mularoni (2nd), Sawyer Hansen (3rd)

9 year old - Gwyneth Higgins (7th), Landon Zomermaand (3rd), Taylor Smith

10 year old - Brinkleigh Hansen (6th), Audrey Cullom, Rianne Brandt, Sasha Scarberry, Roman Coriale

11 year old - Taylor Mularoni (6th), Karrington Hansen (7th), Kai Skipper

12 year old - Kiersten Gulick, Caedman Higgins (6th), Maddox Matyas, Bryce Carr

13 year old - Julia Mularoni - (3rd), Maggie Johnson (9th)

Congratulations to all on a job well done.

More photos: