What is the St. Petersburg Aquatics Summer Swim League Program?

The Summer Swim League Program is sponsored by the USA Swimming club swim team St. Petersburg Aquatics.  This summer-only program typically runs from end of May through the end of July (dates subject to change year to year) and is a swim team, not swim lessons.  Our program includes a coach on deck to guide swimmers through a training workout for each level of ability, ages 6-18 years.

Is my child a candidate for this summer program?

If you can answer YES to all the following questions, consider signing your child up for our summer swim league team:

  • Can he/she swim 1-length of the pool (25 yards) using both arms and legs for propulsion without stopping?
  • Has he/she graduated from a water safety program, such as Red Cross swim lessons?
  • Can he/she float on both their front and back without assistance?

What can my child expect each day at swim practice?

The summer program takes a progressive approach to teaching and honing the skills necessary for competitive swimming.  Each site coach works with swimmers on the many facets of competitive swimming, including but not limited to: diving or “starts”, the four strokes, understanding interval training, race strategies (age & ability taken into consideration), turns, proper technique, and participating in a swim competition.

What equipment do I need to make sure my swimmer has for practice?

Each swimmer should purchase a swim suit and goggles to have for practice each day.  Please refer to our Team Gear page for info on the Team Suit and recommended goggles for your swimmer.  You will receive a swim cap and t-shirt as part of the registration cost.  There are many practice swim suit options that are appropriate for daily use in the chlorine.  For girls, please send your swimmer in a one-piece training suit that fits snug in all areas.  For boys, please send your swimmer in either a brief or jammer training suit that fits snug.  

We highly recommend purchasing the SPA team suit.  There are already team outfitting days scheduled for each site so that you can purchase our team suit and another gear you might need for the season.  Please refer to each pool's schedule under the Summer Swim League tab.

We also ask that you send your child with sunscreen, a towel, and water bottle or sports drink.

Is my child required to come to practice each day?

No, but we do encourage you to have your child attend as often as possible.  This helps them to see positive results with advancing their stroke technique, gaining cardiovascular endurance, and going faster in their races.

Does our family have to commit to one practice option for each day?

Yes, we ask families to commit to a particular practice and quite a few of the practices are specifically designated by ability.  There may be some flexibility on occasion and this should be disucssed with your coach. 

**Please note: There are different price structures for each group- 1 1/2 hour, 1-hour group, 45 minute and 30 minute - and you must bring your swimmer to the practice group in which you paid for.   

Do you offer refunds for a canceled registration or prorate the cost of the season if we sign up late?

We only give a refund if the reason is medical, with proper documentation from a doctor within the first week of the season.  We do not prorate the cost of the season with late sign ups, so try and sign up as early as you can!

What is the protocol for bad weather days at practices and swim meets?

Our program runs a bad weather protocol that is in accordance with the City of St. Petersburg.  There is an app you can download that shows pool closures citywide.  Coaches are expected to be at their respective pool sites before practice begins to assess the situation and work with the pool staff to make decisions.  If there is lightning within a certain range, the pool is closed for at least 30 minutes and many times, can reopen for some or all of a practice session.  Practices and meets are typically never canceled in advance of the start time except in cases of extreme weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

What are the swim meets?

During the course of the summer season, swimmers will have the ability to participate in three different types of meet. 

  • Weekly practice competitions: a teaching meet to help swimmers learn the flow of a competitive swimming event.  Three to four of the summer teams come together each week and there is a different stroke focus.  The swimmers will race each other and participate in relays.  There are no disqualifications at these meets.
  • Developmental Meet: an all-league teaching meet, running through a wider range of possible races that a swimming competition offers.  The swimmers can sign up for what they want to swim and will also participate in relays.  There are no disqualifications at this meet.
  • League Championship Meet: an all-league meet, running through the same offering of races as the Developmental Meet.  The biggest difference is that there are disqualifications for not swimming the strokes correctly.

Does my child have to participate in the swim meets?

We HIGHLY encourage and recommend that you have your child participate in the competitions!  This is a big part of what they are coming to practice for each day.  Each meet requires sign up on our SPA website under Events and Competitions tab.

Are parents/guardians required to volunteer?

No, but we always need volunteers to help out at the swim meets, especially timers for each lane.  Please consider signing up with your site coach to help out.  You don’t need any prior swimming knowledge or experience, as we train all volunteers before the meets.  It is also a great way to get the best view of the competitions!