AGES 2 - 5

SPA SWIM SCHOOL is a SwimAmerica program that strives to provide affordable swim lessons that go beyond just teaching basic water safety.  We also aim to help your child become a competent swimmer who can participate in a broad range of water activities.  Our approach focuses on children developing swimming skills and gaining confidence in their abilities in a safe and FUN environment.  One thing that sets us apart from other swim lesson programs is that, in addition to teaching water safety and water survival skills, our curriculum includes teaching the skills necessary for participation on swim team.


Beginner (Ages 2-3)

The beginner classes focus on getting each child comfortable in and around the water and swimming pool environment.  Our goals include having your swimmer float, put their face in the water, kick, and get themselves to the wall by gliding on their front and back.

Intermediate (Ages 3-4)

The intermediate level continues to focus on the basics taught in the beginner class and adds a greater emphasis on swimming to the wall using arms and legs.  The instructor also begins to teach proper swimming techniques for freestyle (also known as front crawl).  There is also the introduction of different floating/gliding positions to gain body awareness in the water.

Advanced (Ages 4-5)

Our advanced classes work on building up your swimmer's strength and endurance, which allows them to swim farther in the pool.  The instructor continues to introduce new techniques for freestyle (front crawl) and also starts the basics for swimming backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.


This is the next step on the way to joining our Junior Team, which is part of the St. Petersburg Aquatics competitive swim program.  For more information, click here.


SPA Swim School recommends the Hubbard Survival School for your infant!  These classes help teach children ages 6 months - 6 years the very basic skills needed to reduce the risk of drowning by 88%.