$95 for 4-week SESSION
Sessions are scheduled to have 2 lessons per week, each running 30 minutes in length (8 total lessons for the month), and must be completed before the last day of the month. Once you commit to the lesson month you are responsible for the fees.  Cancellation must take place on or before the 25th of the month prior to new session month.  
Important - Group Lesson No-Show Policy:
If you are a no show for your group lesson and there is no notification of a medical reason (cancelled at least 6 hours in advance) for doing so, there may not be an opportunity to re-schedule.  Make-up lessons are scheduled for the facility weather cancellations and illness as time permits at the discretion of the instructor and pool availability.
$40 for 30-minute PRIVATE LESSONS
Private lessons are available if you feel that your child would benefit more from one-on-one sessions.  These lessons are s cheduled at the discretion of the instructor and pool availability.
Important - Private Lesson Cancellation Policy:
All private lessons must be cancelled with instructor by 10:00 AM of the day in which it is to take place.  If they are not cancelled, and your child is a no-show for the lesson, the $40.00 fee will be charged to your account with the City of St. Petersburg and due on your next visit to the facility. 

This is necessary as our pool time is very limited and we must use all of the space to the advantage of the program and our SPA Swim School participants.

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