Shark Family

Shark Family

The COVID-19 situation has been a trying time. I choose to look at as many positives as possible. In my mind this has been a great time with our families, time to recover, and time to evaluate what is essential in life. There is no doubt that lives will change because of this situation. The Sharks and Selby Aquatic Center will feel this as well.

We plan on reopening with a limited schedule Tuesday, May 5th. We want to be cautious and gradually get back to whatever normal operations will be. The following attachments will be our initial schedule and will be subject to change. Please be patient with us. This will be a fluid schedule and no doubt there will need to be some adjustments as we see what the numbers in the pool are. Second, government regulations will dictate what our groups will look like in the future. We are an open-air facility and will be more than 6 feet apart in all situations and will be a much lower capacity than usual. The Junior Sharks and Swim-Fit groups will tentatively start back May 11th. This will give us some time to get billing up and running and fine tune our schedule.

We understand that work and school has been disrupted and we are trying to be as flexible as possible. We have added some open swim hours for adults and catch-all hours for children to accommodate schedules while school is “in”. Parents, please talk to your kids about social distancing and adults please be understanding of people’s unique situations.  (Find attached Social Distancing Schedule and Map)

Social Distancing Expectations:

  • We will have one entry and one exit please social distance (6 feet apart) as you move through the facility. (see attachment)
  • There will be groups A, B, C, D. These letters will coordinate with lanes and bleacher space. Again, please use social distancing protocols. (see attachment)
  • Bathrooms will be used for emergency use only. One at a time. No showering or congregating. Please plan on changing/showering at home.
  • Do not come to the facility if you have a fever or have felt ill in the last 24 hours. If you feel ill, please get tested and report positive tests to your coach ASAP.
  • Spectators cannot be inside the facility to manage our numbers.
  • All groups will run 2 swimmers to a lane, starting from opposite ends.
  • All sessions are optional! We respect everyone’s decision to do what is right for them.
  • Please take your temperature before you walk in/leave house. A staff member may ask and record the information.
  • The water monster will not be available, please bring water from home.
  • Please no congregating in parking lot. Parents please be ready to pick up kids promptly and on time. The staff will communicate if we let athletes out early.
  • We do not want anyone sharing gear or using community equipmen.t (i.e. kickboards)
  • If you do not follow the social distancing guidelines you will be asked to leave.

Your positivity and flexibility at this time will be key. How you speak about the Sharks on social media, to your friends, and to your family will decide our future. We hope we can get everyone to return and continue our growing trend.

For the time being, we will manage group sizes and events will be limited. The board and I will continue to evaluate the business to ensure that we thrive in the coming months. I preach to the athletes that “change is constant” this situation in no different. Adapt and overcome, that is what Sharks do! I am thankful to have the opportunity to get back in the pool and for all the support we have had over the past couple of months!

Go Sharks!

Coach Brent