Group classes are 25 minute classes with a 4:1 or 6:1 ratio. Our students are put into group lessons according to age and ability. The small class learning environment creates a structured, positive and personal situation for your child to learn.  Trust the experience of the Sarasota Sharks. If you have any questions please contact Austin Lambert, [email protected].
Group lessons $180.00/session
One-on-one Swim School $160.00/ session (4 lessons)
Preschool Aquatics: AGES 2-4
  • Monkey Crawl along wall · Climb out of the pool
  • Face in water & hold breath
  • Face in water & bubbles from nose
  • Float on front & back with support · Kick feet on front with instructor support
  • Assisted jump in water from sitting position, turn grab wall
  • Jump into water (or instructor drop) from standing, turn grab wall
  • Pick up an object from deeper surface
Level 1 AGES 5-18
Introduces the older swimmers to the water with no prior experience and fear of water.
  • Roll from front to back
  • Independent Jump in & swim back to wall
  • Kick on front & roll to back (holding perfect streamline position)
  • Kick on front with crawl arms (face under)
  • Swim, Float, Swim (kick only) or pop up breath
  • Pick up an object from deeper surface
Level 2 AGES 5-18
Swimmers begin to learn freestyle side breathing with assistance, develop backstroke technique, and build on water safety skills.
  • Freestyle stroke refinement
  • Side breathing introduced
  • Freestyle kick with board 15 yds
  • Intro to backstroke with elementary backstroke
  • Head position for backstroke
  • Body position for backstroke
Level 3 AGES 5-18
Swimmers continue developing freestyle and backstroke technique and endurance, learn the complete breaststroke by adding arm and breathing skills, and introduced to butterfly beginning with the kick.
  • Backstroke kick (chin up, belly up in streamline, feet are like fins)
  • Backstroke arms (thumbs out of water first, pinky enter first)
  • Backstroke stroke refinement
  • Intro to breaststroke kick (point heels to the wall behind) (knees hold a buoy/feet make a circle)
  • Intro to breaststroke pull (sweep out and down then scoop around)
Level 4 AGES 5-18
Strokes will be practiced across the width of 15 m to improve strength, consistency, and technique.
  • Breaststroke refinement
  • Intro to butterfly kick (slouch-press-drive-dribble)
  • Intro to butterfly arms (stab-explode-dribble)
  • Freestyle flip turns
  • Backstroke flag count and turn
  • Dives (from side & block)

One-On-One Swim Lessons are also available each month