YMCA Masters Nationals 2020

May 7–10, 2020—Rosen Aquatic Center—Orlando, Fla.


READ THIS FIRST: You MUST read and follow all of the instructions below to enter this meet. Not doing so will cause the coach’s head to explode!

STEP 1 (Everyone MUST do this)

ONLINE ENTRY: Deadline April 10, 2020

The YMCA has an online entry process for this event.

  • When you get to the online registration form, click U.S. Masters Swimming, enter your USMS information, and then start typing “Manatee” into the search field under Club/Team. When the list populates, choose “Manatee Family YMCA (1331) Bradenton FL.”
  • Regardless of your membership status, click “I am a member of the YMCA.”
  • If you are a full-privilege Manatee Y member, enter “C” for your type of Y membership.
  • If you are NOT a full-privilege member of the Manatee Y, enter “May 11, 2020” as the expiration date of your membership.
  • Indicate that you are part of a team (selection 2).
  • Insert Coach Rick's name where it asks for your coach: Rick Walker
  • When entering your events, DO NOT check relay availability boxes; we will handle that separately.

2020 YMCA Masters Nationals ONLINE ENTRY



Manatee Y Member Application (Due April 15, 2020)

If you are already a full-privilege Manatee Y member (no other Y membership will suffice, it MUST be Manatee Y), you DO NOT need this form; SKIP TO STEP 3.

If you are NOT a full-privilege Manatee Y member, you need to become a program member and pay a fee: $50

Manatee Y Membership Application

Mail completed form with check for $50, made out to Sarasota Sharks Inc.:

Rick Walker, 4532 Ocean Blvd #101, Sarasota, FL 34242


Scan and email form, with credit card information added to the top of the form.



Relay info (For EVERYONE, Due March 15)

We will need your times for all four strokes in the 50 and your 100 free time. Please submit flat start times, NOT relay splits. If you don’t have current times, do not guess—have your coach do a time trial in practice. Relays are the MOST FUN part of this meet and are worth DOUBLE points. Please consider making yourself available for ALL relays. FTT!

Sharks Relay Info

So that does it for now! We’ll release a separate page on this site with more information on psych sheets, relays, social events, and volunteering at the meet when that info is available.

It’s important for all swimmers to be accountable for the relays in which they are entered. Backing out of a relay causes a ripple effect for many swimmers, not just the other three on your relay. Bottom line: show up and swim fast, it’s great fun.