Junior Sharks

The Junior Sharks is a session-based group for athletes that are new to the sport and/or are working toward learning how to legally swim all 4 competitive strokes. Our suggested age is 6-10 years old, but we will work with families on an individual basis as needed. In the Junior Sharks group, we will provide more intensive, curriculum-based teaching of the skills needed to be successful in competitive swimming. Our goal is to progress athletes into competitive swimming and ensure a great experience for all the athletes. After an athlete has completed at least one session they will be evaluated for progression into the White (8 and Under) or Black (10 and Under) group by the coaching staff. To start in Jr Sharks at the beginning of the session an athlete needs to be able to swim a length of the pool freestyle and backstroke.

If you're unsure if you're athlete is ready please contact Kristi Weyant at 941-260-9107 or [email protected].

2022 Session Schedule

  • Session 1: Jan 17-April 22
  • Session 2: April 25-Aug 5
  • Session 3: Aug 22-Dec 9
  • Specifics: Session #3 Aug 22-Dec 9

  • Schedule: There are two options
    • ​Junior Sharks A
      • Monday & Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm Friday 5-6pm
    • ​Junior Sharks B​
      • Monday & Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm, Friday 5-6pm
    • ​Junior Sharks C
      • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5-6pm
  • The cost is $350 a session.
  • Ribbon Race Schedule
    • #1 - Sept 9
    • #2 – Sept 30
    • #3 – Oct 21
    • #4 – Nov 18
    • #5 – Dec 9



If you have any questions about signing up please contact Kristi Weyant at [email protected].