Sarasota Sharks' newest Olympian Emma Weyant heading to Tokyo!

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Sunday June 14, 2021: (Sarasota, Florida)

Weyant won the Women's 400IM at the US Olympic Trials automatically earning her a spot on the US Olympic Swim Team roster.  Shark Nation is screaming from the roof tops tonight as we all watched Sarasota Shark Emma Weyant punch her ticket to Tokyo! 

Emma took gold on the 400IM at the 2018 JR Pan-Pac Championships and then followed it up with a 2019 National Championship at Summer National in Palo Alto.  

All the hard work and tough decisions paid off and the second guessing was over the instant her hand hit the wall.  The race could have not been more exciting with three Olympian swimmers (Hali Flickinger, Melanie Margalis and Leah Smith) and Emma fighting side by side all the way to the last set of flags.  Everyone watching had to be holding their breath as positions and leads changed the entire race.  It was a classic IM battle as the drama evolved during each stroke and at each turn.  Halfway through the breaststroke anyone and everyone that has worn the black and gold could feel the tingle in their spine and the flutter in their chests because we all could antisipate what we were about to witness.

Of course, most swim fans had their eyes on the three Olympians, but Shark Nation did not take their eyes off Lane 5 because we all have seen it before.  Like Fiji in 2018 and Palo Alto a year later we knew if there was a way Emma would find it!    When it was all said and done there were FOUR Olympians in the pool!!!!  Congratulations to Emma and the entire Weyant Family!

Sharks on Three! 1 – 2 – 3!  Go SHARKS!!



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(Photo Credit: Peter H. Bick / Swimming World )


Sarasota swimmer is Tokyo Olympics bound