Hello Shark Nation,

" This is a new program we started called, Sharks 4 Good.  Here we will help the children in the Philippines that don't have the money for suits and equipment.  To help start up this program, you can donate old swim suits, tech suits and smaller equipment that we will then ship out to different teams in the Philippines. 

 We started this program because there are kids that don't have the money to buy suits and equipment.  There are some teams where their kids have to practice in their t-shirts and shorts.  We wanna be able to help them get the best out of their practices with the correct suits and equipment.  

We hope to create a better experience for the kids and more opportunities for them to become better.  To donate to this cause, we will put a bin out front for you to put what you wanna donate into it.  We want to thank you for your support and help to give these kids a better experience with swimming."

- Anya

The details:

We will have a bin at the Shark Tank on the table right out front.  Drop your donations in the bin at your convenience.

Collection dates:

July 11-July 25th

More information:

Anya is a Sharks swimmer with a big heart and an action plan to launch our Sharks 4 Good program!

Do you have an idea or a project for the next Sharks 4 Good initiative?  Email Kristi, [email protected]


Go Sharks!