Shark Family Volunteer Policy

The Sarasota Sharks Swim Team supports the  values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. We also recognize that these values contribute to the success of the Sarasota Sharks  team in developing young swimmers as well as state and national champions. Continuous family support for our team and coaches is a huge factor in the continued success of the program. 

The SYS Swim team requires parents/guardians and family members to be dedicated volunteers throughout the season:

  • The Sarasota Sharks host many which keeps travel costs down for our Shark Families. Cost savings include Hotel, Fuel and Restaurant bills that are avoided by keeping our Shark swimmers in their own beds and in a familiar swimming environment. In order to successfully host swim meets we must have the involvement of all Shark families.
  • We ask each family to volunteer a minimum of three (3) sessions per meet for three day five session meet.  For larger meets like FLAGS (Florida Age Groups Championships) with up to ten sessions we ask ALL Families to volunteer above the minimum of three (3). 

For new families this is a great way to learn about the sport and to build life long friendships.  Swimming is a TEAM sport and as parents we can lead by example by supporting the team as a volunteer.  FTT!  Here are some of the volunteer spots that we need at most meets.

Timers: Two timers per lane are needed as a backup to the timing system. Each Timer is given a plunger to use upon completion of the race and a backup manual watch is also used. One Timer must record the manual watch time on a clipboard provided at the Timer Meeting. The meet manager will announce the timers meeting in the skybox, approximately 30 minutes before the start of the meet so that instructions can be given by the official. This is a great position for those who like to be in the action and interact with the kids. Drinks and snacks are provided to the timers by hospitality. In a two pool meet, 34 timers are needed for each session. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

Hospitality: Prepares and serves meals and drinks to coaches and officials .   NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

Parking : This position is critical for the safety of swimmers.  Parking volunteers are needed at the beginning and end of each session to ensure the safe entry/exit from the grass parking area. . NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

Awards: Prepare and sort ribbons, medals, and other awards, apply result stickers as they arrive from scoring, and place in appropriate team baskets. Arrive 10 minutes prior to each session and report to the awards coordinator. Job performed in air-conditioned skybox. Two awards volunteers are needed for each session. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED although an understanding of swimming and events helps!

Announcer: The announcer uses the P.A. system from the air-conditioned skybox to announce each event, heat, and swimmer in the water. Results are also announced when confirmed. Plan on arriving for your post 10 minutes before warm-up begins. IF YOU LIKE TO TALK AND ARE GOOD AT GUESSING NAME PRONOUNCIATIONS THIS MIGHT BE FOR YOU! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

Console and Scoring Computer Workers: Like the air-conditioning while being able to keep up with the action? Working the Shark’s timing console system may be for you. Some training is needed, but someone will be there to help you learn. 2 console workers and a scoring computer worker are needed per session. MUST UNDERGO ON-THE-JOB TRAINING.

Officials/Referee, Starter, Stroke and Turn Judges: 12 volunteers to be referees, starters, and stroke and turn judges are needed for each session. Training is required for these positions. Clinics are given at most meets. Addendum B explains advantages and training for officiating. Meet Marshals: Meet marshals are responsible for maintaining a safe environment on the deck and in the warm down pool. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

Set up/Tear down: Tents must go up, timing systems, chairs and barricades need to be put in place. And what goes up must come down. Volunteers are needed prior to the meet (usually the night before) and after the final session of the meet to help set up and take down. The more the merrier. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!


Thank you for your support, effort, time and commitment to our team.