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1. What is Synchronized Swimming?

Synchronized swimming is a hybrid of swimming, gymnastics, and dance. It involves strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, and artistry. The swimmers perform choreographed routines to music. In 1952, synchronized swimming showcased at the Olympic Games and it became an official Olympic event in 1984. This sport is governed internationally by FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur).

2. Who is eligible to join Team?

Any child or teenager, between the ages of 6-18 years of age, who is able to swim at least 25 yards independently, wants to learn a new sport, and enjoys making new friends. Interested new swimmers are invited to participate in a synchro practice on any Thursday evening from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Sarasota Family YMCA’s Selby Aquatics Center located at the C.J. Lofino Family Complex, 8301 Potter Park Drive, Sarasota, FL 34238. SASSY also has a group of Masters swimmers - 20 or older - contact us for more information about Masters Synchro!

3. Are there different levels of Synchronized Swimming?

Yes. There are several competitive levels of synchronized swimming. New swimmers typically begin at the Novice or Intermediate level, depending upon their age and swimming ability.

  • Novice - any age

  • Intermediate - any age

  • Age Group - 10-under, 11-12, 13-15, 16-17. 18-19

  • Junior - 15-18

  • Senior - 15-older

  • Collegiate - 4 years of eligibility while enrolled in college

  • Master - 20-90+ years

Sarasota Sharks Inc4. How often are practices held and where?

SASSY swim practices are held every month of the year. Each group typically practices 2-4 times a week depending upon level. When the competition season begins, the coaches may schedule a few additional practices. All practices are held at the Sarasota Sharks Selby Aquatics Center located at 8501 Potter Park Drive, Sarasota, FL 34238.

5. What does my child need for swim practice?

All swimmers must wear a one piece bathing suit and bring a towel, swimming cap, goggles, and nose clip to practice. 

6. Tell me about the synchronized swimming competitions.

The official synchro competition season begins in January and continues until mid-July. All swimmers are expected to participate in 4-6 swim meets annually, depending upon their synchro level. The meets are held throughout the State of Florida, typically on a weekend. Some swimmers compete only on a single day and others on both days. Here is an idea of a typical meet schedule:

  • January - Junior/Senior Association Championship (Age Group swimmers only)

  • February - Winter Invitational (All levels up to 15 years old)

  • February - Junior Zone (Age Group 13-15 and 15-18 year old swimmers - need qualifying score)

  • March - Spring Invitational (All levels up to 15 years old)

  • March - Senior Zone (Age Group 15-older swimmers - need qualifying score)

  • April - Florida Association Championships (All intermediate and Age Group swimmers - all ages)

  • May - Regional Championships (Attendance depends upon qualification from Association meet)

  • June - Sunshine State Games (All levels - all ages)

  • July - Age Group Nationals (Attendance depends upon qualification from Regional meet)

  • July - US Open (Age Group only - Attendance depends upon qualifying score)

Most synchro competitions are comprised of two parts. First is the "Figure" or "Element" competition in which each swimmer performs a series of technical moves individually in front of a panel of judges without music. Then the "Routine" competition begins in which the swimmers perform a routine comprised of technical moves choreographed to music. Swimmers are judged on their technical merit and artistic impression. Swimmers will be assigned by the coaches to solos, duets, trios, and teams for the routine competition.

7. Are there special outfits for the synchronized swimming competitions?

Yes. For the “Figures” or “Element” competition, the swimmers must wear a black one piece swimsuit, white cap, and nose clip. They are not permitted to wear any jewelry, make-up, or nail polish for this part of the competition. For the “Routine” competition, special swimsuits and hairpieces are designed and ordered by the coaches. The swimmers wear make-up for this part of the competition.

8. I have heard rumors that synchronized swimmers “knox” their hair. What is this?

“Knoxing” is a synchro tradition that is used for shows and routine competitions. Swimmers wear their hair in a tight bun on top of their heads. Knox, a brand of unflavored gelatin, is applied to each swimmer’s hair to hold it in place. This “gelatin shield” will not dissolve in the pool’s cold water. After the competition is over, the gelatin washes out easily in a warm shower.

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