Our plan is to open the facility May 5th, 2020. Below you will find our our social distancing plans. If you are interested in open swim click here for information on times when we are open.

Social Distancing Expectations:

  • We will have one entry and one exit please social distance (6 feet apart) as you move through the facility.
  • There will be groups A, B, C, D. These letters will coordinate with lanes and bleacher space. Again, please use social distancing protocols.
  • Bathrooms will be used for emergency use only. One at a time. No showering or congregating. Please plan on changing/showering at home.
  • Do not come to the facility if you have a fever or have felt ill in the last 24 hours. If you feel ill, please get tested and report positive tests to your coach ASAP.
  • Spectators cannot be inside the facility to manage our numbers.
  • All lanes will run 2 swimmers to a lane, starting from opposite ends.
  • Please take your temperature before you walk in/leave house. A staff member may ask and record the information.
  • Please bring water from home.
  • Please, no congregating in parking lot.
  • We do not want anyone sharing gear or using community equipment (i.e. kickboards)
  • If you do not follow the social distancing guidelines you will be asked to leave.