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ASCA Age Group Coach Of The Year: Tom Yetter


In the seven years he has worked at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, Tom Yetter has coached swimmers to 121 Top-16 rankings, 24 Maryland State Records, a National Age Group Relay record and seven of his swimmers are listed on the USA Swimming Top 100 All-Time list. Because of his continued success at NBAC, Yetter was named the 2008 ASCA Coach of the Year from Maryland.


Learning from Murray Stephens, Bob Bowman and his brother Paul, Yetter currently coaches the 9-and-under and 11-14 age groups and has enjoyed watching his swimmers progress from age groupers to the collegiate and international arenas.




Yetter’s coaching philosophy is based on progressing towards the next goal, individually and as a team, and keeping the training varied.




“First I think you need to have an environment where everyone in the group is constantly trying to move up the ladder,” Yetter said. “After you do that, you just need to make sure you keep swimming fun and interesting so they keep wanting to come back for more.”                                           




What do you enjoy most about coaching?
I really enjoy working with the age group swimmers. There is something new going on every day.  It is never boring at practice. I really get the chance to work with swimmers and teach them their first pullout, their first backstroke flip turn. There are so many “firsts” that you get to be a part of.




Why do you feel your swimmers have been so successful?
I think that they understand they can do amazing things if they put their mind to it. If you are motivated to do something, you can be very successful in and out of the pool. 




How do you determine success?
Achieving your potential. Everyone’s potential is different, but generally I don’t think the swimmers realize the amazing things they are capable of.  It’s great when you can help young swimmers achieve things they didn’t even think they could do themselves.




What are you looking forward to with your team? 
It is a very exciting time at NBAC, and I am looking forward to continuing the tradition that we have. The swimmers all wear the same cap at practice, and it says “London 2012” on it right now. That is obviously the No. 1 thing we are looking forward to around here.



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