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T2 Aquatics Upcoming Evaluation Dates

Next scheduled Evaluations for T2 Aquatics at the Norris Pool will be:

  • Tuesday, April 4th 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, April 8th 10:00 AM
    • To reserve your spot please fill out this form (athletes should attend only 1 evaluation day):   EVAL RESERVATION LINK
    • If you have any other questions please email Coach Rachel ([email protected])


Who: For athletes who are 5 and older (generally most T2 athletes are 6&older however) that can swim 25 yards Freestyle comfortably breathing to the side, 25 yards Backstroke, have legal Breaststroke and Butterfly kick, and are interested joining the T2 Aquatics Team!  T2 Aquatics is a year - round program that for athletes ages 6-18 who want to improve their confidence, skills and speed in the water!  You can find out more about T2 Aquatics on our website. 

Where:   These evaluations will be held at the Norris Pool.  LINK   

What To Bring:  Practice/Racing Suit (no board shorts - but if that is all you have at this time come on over and we can advise you on a more appropriate suit for practices), Goggles, Cap (if needed), Towel

What To Do When You Arrive:  Have a parent or guardian sign in with contact information. 

Please allow up to 30 minutes for the evaluation.  After the evaluation will be in touch to recommend a program that fits each athlete and will help them progress in the sport of competitive swimming!

Is My Child Ready?

Athletes that join our team know Freestyle and Backstroke and can swim 25 yards across the pool.  Breathing to the side comfortably during Freestyle, legal Breaststroke kick, and legal Butterfly kick are also requirements.  

Athletes in Elementary and Middle School usually have practice offered 3-4 days a week on MWF to start with our program.  Athletes in High School have practices offered 5-6 days a week to start with our program.  Athletes are encouraged to attend all practice sessions but it is not required.  Swim Meets are usually every 4-6 weeks and are generally local for these athletes.  Some traveling opportunities may be offered to athletes who are practicing 5 days a week.

We want to make sure that everyone’s first T2 Aquatics experience is a great one – so we want to make sure that our athletes are strong enough swimmers for the group that they are placed in.  Many T2 athletes come from our Naples Swim School, one of the local Summer Paradise Coast Swim Conference Teams, or from a High School team.  Those are all great programs to use as stepping stones to T2 Aquatics!  Even if you have not been a part of one of those programs before you are still welcome at our evaluation. 

If it is not appropriate at this time for an athlete of this age to join T2 Aquatics we recommend the Naples Swim School as a way to continue to prepare for joining T2 Aquatics.  The NSS offers many different classes for all ages and abilities and has helped many athletes progress in the sport of competitive swimming!  Naples Swim School Link

At T2 Aquatics we pride ourselves in helping promote a love for the sport of swimming while helping athletes gain responsibility skills and self confidence for all of Southwest Florida.  GO T2!

For more information about T2 Aquatics, visit our website:  T2 Age Group Team Link

If you have any questions about T2 Aquatics evaluations, please email Age Group Coach Rachel Elliott at [email protected]