Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 200

Account Management

  • T2 Yearly Registration Fee:  T2 Aquatics Yearly Registration Fee covers the required USA Swimming Registration Fee, yearly team equipment fee, office supply & website fee, as well as 1 silicone T2 cap which will be distributed to athletes at practice.  This is invoiced on September 1 or on the month that you join T2 Aquatics.
  • Invoices & Autopay:  Invoices and Autopay information is available to view via your account on www.t2aquatics.com.  Billing will run on the 1st of each month.  All T2 accounts are required to have a card on file and set up for Autopay.
  • Discounts:  T2 Aquatics offers a discount for families with multiple athletes.  The second and third athletes are both billed with a 15% discount.  The fourth athlete is billed with a 50% discount.
  • Meet Entry Fees:  Each meet has different meet entry fees.  These fees will be posted to your account as they come.  If you are unable to attend a meet please notify the coaching staff at least 3 weeks prior to a meet to avoid being entered in the meet.  Once the entries are sent to Florida Swimming/Host Team the entry fees have been paid.  T2 Aquatics has a $10 travel fee for meets out of our area as well as a $10 fee for concessions at our home meets.  The meet fees will be included in your monthly invoice.  The meet schedule as well as which groups are attending which meets is posted on our website under “Events”. 
  • Leaving The Team:  T2 Aquatics is a year round competitive program and once swimmers join for the season at any point from Sept 1st through August 31st we are expecting them to hold their spot on the team continuously throughout that season until August 31st.  T2 Aquatics encourages all athletes to establish a consistent training routine in order to achieve the most that they can in the sport.  T2 Aquatics is a growing and quickly improving team and leaving the team for a period of time may result in the swimmer being switched to a different group or program when they return to ensure that they are in the best environment for their improvement. 
    • We hope that everyone enjoys swimming for the entire year, but if for some reason you must leave the team for a period of time, you must contact Head Coach Tom Yetter [email protected], Maria Sunyak [email protected], as well as the groups lead coach via email to put a hold or cancel your account.  Failure to do so will result in invoices continuing to be billed to you.  There is a re-enrollment fee of $50 to re-activate you into our system if you would wish to join the team at a later date.
  • Add An Email/SMS Messaging Number To Your Online Account:  From the T2 website you can change and update your account so that multiple family members can get our emails and updates.  We also have a Text Messaging feature (SMS) that we will be using to update T2 families about practice changes due to weather.  This is especially important with the Summer and afternoon storms.  Follow this link for instructions on how to sign up for SMS Messages and to verify your email:  LINK
  • Clean Deck:  Parents are welcome to stay at the Norris Pool during practices, but are asked to remain under the pavilion area at the pool.  We feel that this will promote the best environment for the swimmers as they work on improving their attention to the coaching staff and the tasks at hand.  Even the youngest swimmers should work on navigating their way through swim practice.  At times a well intentioned parent can distract a swimmer as well as a group from the task at hand.  We would like all of our swimmers to work on becoming confident self reliant swimmers.  At T2, we strive to help the swimmers do this.  If a parent needs to relay a message to the coach email always works if it is a quick update about practice attendance or if you have a question about meets.  If needed, we can set up a time to talk that won’t take us away from the athletes on the pool deck.   A lot of times the swimmer can tell the coaches anything that needs to be relayed (even 8 year olds!). 
  • Weather Policy/Alerts:  Practice is only canceled in the event of electrical storms, severe winds, or pool malfunctions.  Rain is not grounds for canceling practice.  We will try our best to have practice or at least part of a practice if there are storms in the area.  T2 Athletes should always bring shoes so that we can do some dryland (exercises on land) if needed.  If practice should be canceled, we will send out an email and team text message.  You must register for SMS messaging AND verify your number via your account on our team website to receive the text messages. You can find directions on how to do that here:  LINK