Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 200

T2 Aquatics Practices

Practice Times

Practice times for each group change a few times per year. Advance notice of the practice time changes is provided through email.  Up to date practice schedules can be found at www.t2aquatics.com.                 

Practice Attendance

T2 Aquatics athletes should strive to attend every possible practice session offered.  Each individual practice session is an important segment of training for our young, developing athletes.  Our staff realizes that practices will be missed at times for various reasons throughout the year -- and that's ok -- but for the most part we'd like swimming to be a consistently-practiced skill that our athletes develop over the course of weeks, months, and years.

“Clean Deck”

Parents are welcome to stay at the Norris Pool during practices, but are asked to remain under the pavilion area at the pool.  We feel that this will promote the best environment for the swimmers as they work on improving their attention to the coaching staff and the tasks at hand.  Even the youngest swimmers should work on navigating their way through swim practice.  At times a well intentioned parent can distract a swimmer as well as a group from the task at hand.  We would like all of our swimmers to work on becoming confident self reliant swimmers.  At T2, we strive to help the swimmers do this.  If a parent needs to relay a message to the coach email always works if it is a quick update about practice attendance or if you have a question about meets.  If needed, we can set up a time to talk that won’t take us away from the athletes on the pool deck.   A lot of times the swimmer can tell the coaches anything that needs to be relayed (even 8 year olds!).