Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 200
Athlete Year Graduated School
Catie Weichelt 2011 Butler University
Maddie Hansen 2011 Saint Lewis University
Katie Kramer 2011 Marshall University
Bun Sunyak 2011 Nova Southeastern University
Rachel Elliott 2011 University of South Carolina
Ridge Altman 2011 University of Southern California
Natalie Rochette 2011 Florida Gulf Coast University
Katharine Anton 2011 University of Minnesota
Clairissa Myatt 2012 Lynn University
Elizabeth Pelton 2012 University of California
Brandon Thoman 2012 Indian River/Lewis University
Haley Fournier 2012 Mount Saint Mary's
Chase Gutknecht 2013 Georgia Tech University
Sara Osinski 2013 Bryant University
Aiden Brennan 2013 Lewis University
Connor Heslin 2013 Notre Dame College
Dane Erickson 2013 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sabrina Altman 2014 Pepperdine University
Olivia Gutknecht 2014 Queens University
Melissa Arbelaez 2015 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Alyx Koert 2016 Lenior-Rhyne University
Shawn Lemarie 2016 George Washington University
Niki Fistrovic 2016 Drexel University
Liam Hollowsky 2016 Brown University
Eric Ordaz 2016 Wyngate University
Jack Melnick 2016 Williams College
Aaron Bradfield 2016 Ashland University
Elisa Haan 2016 North Carolina State University
Rip Lyster 2016 Carnegie Mellon University
Lucca Delcompare 2016 Williams College
Jacob Buckheit 2016 Carnegie Mellon University
Kaitlyn Hauser 2016 East Carolina University
Brielle Brennan 2016 Lewis University
Abby Garner 2016 Xavier University
Myranda Valeiras 2016 Butler University
Jackson Defore 2016 Florida State University
Maura Fagan 2016 University of Pittsburgh
Bean Faunce 2017 Alamama University
Jack Scanlon 2017 Columbia University
Alyson Currao 2017 Lynn University
Kayla Tennant 2017 University of Georgia
Wyatt Kellett 2017 Washington University St. Louis
Paolo Sunyak 2017 La Salle University
Matthew Limbacher  2018 University of Notre Dame
Jarrod Farrow 2018 Eastern Illinois University
Nick Mattson 2018 College of Wooster
Emma Feehery 2019 University of North Carolina
Oscar Madsen 2019 George Washington University
Bella Marsala 2019 U.S. Naval  Academy
Annalise Eisold 2019 Florida Southern College
Hunter Smith 2019 Lynn University
Brooke Boling 2020 Louisiana State University
Zoe Hendrickx 2020 Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Danielle Boland 2021 Rollins College
Andrew Garner 2021 University of Minnesota
Mason Laur 2021 University of Florida
Matt Molloy 2021 Dartmouth College
Rylie Noe 2021 Mars Hill University
Rachel Moran 2021 Florida State University



Swimming In College?

The following documents are a part of our T2 Aquatics College Education.  These will give you some insight on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  At times applying for colleges can seem like a daunting task.  Take things one step at a time and enjoy the process as you find the correct fit for you!