Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 200

T2 Parent Volunteering/Meet Support

Each year, T2 Aquatics may host several meets throughout the season.  Parents of swimmers are needed in order to run successful meets for the swimmers.  There are many things that go into running of the meets and helping run them can be a great way to show your swimmer that you are supporting their swimming!  Please be ready to show your support of your swimmers when the time comes.

  • Announcer – announces events, heats, and notifications during the sessions.
  • Computer Hytek/Colorado Operator – manages the timing system as well as Hytek Meet Manager system, must have experience or in training with team rep.
  • Awards/Results – Post results as well as label awards during the meet.
  • Concessions/Heat Sheets – Sell food, drink, and heat sheets to spectators.
  • Hospitality – Provide drinks and meals for Coaches, Officials, as well as hand out water and snacks to volunteers working on pool deck.
  • USA Swim Official –All parents are encouraged to consider becoming an Official! No experience needed.
  • Timer – Start and stop watch as a back-up to the timing system, record watch time.

How Sign Up For Volunteering?

At all of our T2 Aquatics Home meets we will need help timing and officiating at the meet.  You can sign up online.  In order to host these local meets for OUR athletes we need your help!  It is a great way to show your support for your young athlete and their sport!

To Use the “On Deck” App:

  1. Sign In
  2. Tap the Menu
  3. Tap Events
  4. Tap Events & Meet Entries
  5. Find the meet, Tap Job Sign Up
  6. Tap the job you want to sign up for (blue bar)
  7. Tap the session you want to sign up for (blue bar)
  8. Tap Sign Up (in green)
  9. Select yourself.  Thanks so much!!!

To Use our Website:

  1. Sign In
  2. Click Events & Competitions
  3. Click Team Events
  4. Find the meet and click Job Sign Up
  5. Pick your job days/sessions.  Thanks so much!!!


USA Swimming Certified Officials

The officials are the most visible volunteers, wearing dark blue pants/shorts and white shirts. The Meet Referee, Deck Referee, Starters and Stroke & Turn Judges have all gone through a certification program for each position they fill.  Many fill more than one role during the meet. Unlike many officials in other sports, USA Swimming officials are not there to “catch” swimmers doing something wrong.  They are there to “observe” and to make sure the races are swum fairly.  Disqualifications are not viewed as a penalty, but as an opportunity for the swimmer to learn what he/she did incorrectly so that they can work with their coach in correcting the mistake.  Only coaches are allowed to approach officials to question a call, or inquire if a swimmer can be placed in a subsequent heat due to missing their race.  If you have a question for an official, please speak to one of the T2 Aquatics coaches at the meet.  Officials do have the authority to remove parents from the pool area if they are abusive or interfere with the running of the meet.

Why You Should Become an Official?

What better way to show your swimmer(s) you are as committed and dedicated to their chosen endeavor than by becoming an official?  Not only will you help to cement this bond, but you will help the entire team.  What more critical role is there that ensures a successful meet?  Think of it terms of giving back to the swimming community we all love.  Many hands make light work.  When we all pitch in to help things run seamlessly.  Show your children learning never has to end.

Then of course there are the often referred to Reasons why you should volunteer:

  • Free Heat Sheet!
  • Free food/drinks!
  • Usually cooler on deck than in stands & not as crowded
  • You don’t have to decide what you want to wear at the meet
  • Meet new people who have swimmers from across the nation
  • Your swimmer knows where you are when they need money
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to your swimmer’s efforts
  • If you choose to complete your certification to National Levels, you may have the opportunity to be on deck at national level meets or even international meets.

Perhaps the most important is without officials, we have no meets.  This is critical to the swimming future for your child.  If you are interested in learning how to become an official please send a message to the coaching staff.  We would love to have you join our official’s team!