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Float Hope Scholarship ™
Advantaging those in our community to Succeed℠
Vero Beach Florida- Treasure Coast Swimming, LLC
Treasure Coast Swimming announces that Jeffrey Powers of Vero Beach Florida has sponsored the Float Hope Scholarship™ that will provide tremendous competitive advantage to those who are disadvantaged in our local community to “learn, love and excel by swimming.”
Jeffrey Powers of Vero Beach Florida initiated funding and an ongoing pledge perpetuating a program that will allow disadvantaged youth to have the opportunity to swim whereas financially burdened they wouldn’t be able to participate at potentially the highest level. Treasure Coast Swimming is the most successful swimming program in the region.  TCSC is the longest tenured private swim program based in Indian River County Florida; it is associated with USA Swimming & Florida Swimming.  Scott Barlow has been coaching for more than 25 years and is a resident of Vero Beach.   Scott, his wife Holly is dedicated with a staff of coaches to teach swimming at all levels from “learn to swim children” to “Olympians.”  Jeff Powers says “the Float Hopes Scholarship™ for disadvantaged youth will be funded annually with contributions that he has underwritten but his hope is that more people in our community will contribute so that more youth can excel.” Jeff’s motivation hit home when Jeffrey Powers and his wife Eilis moved to Vero in 2012 but learned that Vero and Sebastian that year were the highest ranking cities with the greatest disparity of wealth and poverty in the entire United States. Jeff attributes his success in life to his religion, his family and swimming: “Swimming has been at my core, a strength that contributed to my success and the lessons learned should be available to our youth in Vero Beach Florida to advantage them with very same life-skills that I was so lucky to have been afforded.” Powers states that when he first met Scott Barlow in 2011 before moving to Vero both men shared the same vision “hoping to do more for those with less through swimming.” The scholarship has been established to provide assistance to those swimmers with financial need who show promise, integrity, and commitment to attend practice and desire to excel. 
For more information on the details of the scholarship opportunities click on this link
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