Which Location is Best for You?

In order to tryout for our TEAM, you must contact a coach at one of our locations to schedule your evaluation.  Be sure and check out which branch might apply to your family in our Location Section.  We offer one location in South Tampa and three locations in New Tampa.

Scheduling a Tryout

Once you decide which branch location is best for your family, you will need to contact a coach in order to schedule your tryout.  You can find our TEAM's contact information under the Coach Section.  Our coaching staff will schedule an evaluation for your swimmer at one of our locations in your area.  Coaches may ask about your previous competitive swimming experience before scheduling your evaluation in order to best place your swimmer.  If your swimmer is transferring from another USA Swimming Club Program, please include former teams, dates of membership and the swimmer's current practice schedule as well as swim meet participation and the last date of competition.  

When you arrive for your evaluation:

For newer, younger swimmers

  • Please arrive in your bathing suit and a towel.  We highly recommend swimmers use goggles during the try out as well.  Caps are not required for tryouts, but are required for girls in our program.  
  • Swimmers will be asked to swim up to 25 yards of each of the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and buttefly).

For swimmers with a more competitive background

  • Swimmers may be asked to demonstrate up to a 50 of each of the four competitive strokes.
  • Swimmers may be asked to participate in a practice with specific practice group for their evalution.  

After you complete your evalution coaches will inform your family which groups and locations will be best for your swimmer.  Once a group has been assigned, swimmers may have an additional three day trial period before official registration will begin.  

The Registration Process

Our registration process takes place online through our website.  A coach will e-mail you a link to our online regristration which will help you set up an account through our TEAM Management website.  In order to complete the registration form you will need to add in a credit card to be on file with our program.  If you are interested in other payment options please contact your coach.  Once you have submitted the registration form our coaching staff will review your form and approve your entry into our database and you will be added to our TEAM e-mail list and gain access to your family's TEAM profile.  If you have any issues with online registration please contact a coach with your questions!

Program Fees & Dues

Families will be subject to the following fees and dues in order to remain a member in good standing with our program:

  • Progarm Dues (groups collect dues seasonally, quarterly, or monthly based on your swimmers practice group)
  • Meet Fees (fees are decided based on the meet host and are non-refundable)
  • USA Swimming Annual Registartion  - $85 per swimmer (not required if swimmer is already registered from another USA Swimming program)
  • Florida Swimming Club Transfer Fee - $5 per swimmer - required for any swimmer who changes teams within the Florida Swimming LSC.