Practice Groups

Stroke School:  PIPELINE's beginning group is for new swimmers to learn to swim in a team environment.  The instructor will get into the water to help each swimmer through tactile, hands-on learning with drills and skills and lots of FUN! Practices last 30 minutes twice a week. Mini meets i.e. beginner meets are offered approximately every 4 weeks. Three of the four competitive strokes will be taught in this group. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke to make this group. 

Waves: This group is for swimmers that can swim freestyle/backstroke (two laps minimum of each) but need to learn the basics of breaststroke, butterfly, streamline, and starts. The main focus will be 80% technique/20% conditioning/ and having a lot of fun. This group will be offered 3 days a week with no mandatory practices. Participation at mini-meets is expected.

Hurricanes: This group is for the swimmer that is ready to start the next level and can perform four competitive strokes legally, are able to complete kicking and swim sets and learn to read the pace clock. The main practice focus will be on all competitive strokes through drills and fun. Instructional and skill-based training will be the majority of the work; there will also be a small amount of interval training and endurance work. 60% technique/ 40% conditioning and intervals. Participation at mini-meets is expected. 

Riptides: The Riptides competitive swimmers. Daily practices (Monday-Friday and non-meet Saturdays) focus on stroke technique, starts, relay starts, turns -- as well as understanding the pace clock, interval training, and competition expectations. There is an increased focus on conditioning/drylands and endurance. Participation in monthly meets is expected, local or out-of-town, plus mini-meets are helpful to practice race strategies. 

Futures: This group is for competitive-level swimmers who have achieved AAA, AAAA, or FLAG/Sr. Champs time standards. The focus will be on pacing/ interval training/ technique/ dryland/ and race-specific training. Morning practices are offered, but optional for this practice group. The swimmer is expected to attend meets both local, and any they should qualify for. The swimmer is also expected to lead the younger teammates by example.

National: This is our top PIPELINE group reserved for our competitive swimmers who have achieved FLAG/Sr. Champs/Sectionals/Futures/Jr. Nat and Sr. Nat qualifying times.  The strategic plan for this level includes 4 mornings per week (including non-competition Saturdays) plus 5 weekday evenings.  Competitions are required and all swimmers who achieve championship cuts are expected to attend those travel meets.  College prep is offered to those swimmers interested in pursuing their collegiate swimming career.