Who do I contact with questions?

Anne Marie Stricklin by emailing her at [email protected] 


Is there a team suit for TPA?

Yes! Click here to go to the TPA apparel and team store website. A team suit is required to be worn during meets but for practices, swimmers can wear their choice of suit. If you have a question about what size suit to order, ask a coach! 


How do I sign up for swim meets?

To sign up for swim meets, click the Events tab. There, you will be able to see TPA's upcoming meets. Click on the meet you want to register for and make sure to enter which days you will be attending! If you want to receive an email confirmation, remember to enter your email address. 


Do we still swim if it rains? 

Yes! Practice still happens if it is only raining. If it is raining hard enough that the bottom of the pool is not visible, then practice will be canceled. 


Do we still swim if it's storming?

TPA responds to the Trinity Preparatory School system that is in place for inclement weather. If lightning is within a six mile radius of the campus, a siren will go off from atop a neighboring building. Swimmers, coaches, and parents are then required to wait thirty minutes from the last lightning strike within the six mile radius before returning to the pool deck. During the weather delay, athletes are to remain under cover and off the pool deck. 

Click here to access the link to the siren. It shows how much time is left before swimmers are cleared to return to the pool and the distance of the latest lightning strike. The siren is synced with the WeatherBug app, which can show you how far away the lightning is before it reaches within six miles of campus. 


Are workouts mandatory? 

Workouts are not mandatory! We encourage the athletes, especially the younger ones, to continue to pursue other activities. However, once they get older and want to commit to the sport, there is an expectation of good attendance. 


Is the pool heated/cooled?

The pool is heated and cooled depending on the weather. During the cooler months, the heater is turned on and the pool is covered in tarps to keep the heat in. During the warmer months, the cooler is turned on. The pool is typically kept around 80o