TPA is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment to all swimmers throughout their swimming journey. 


     What is Safe Sport?     

"USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program, a comprehensive abuse prevention program, consists of a multi-layered approach to keep kids safe, including: required policies and best practice guidelines; mandatory screening, including criminal background checks and employment screening; training and education; monitoring, supervision and mandatory reporting. These measures are informed by experts in the field of child safety and are among the strongest safeguards found in youth-serving organizations." -USA Swimming


     Important Contact Information     

  • TPA Safe Sport Representative: Coach Anne Marie Stricklin: [email protected] or 321-282-2579
  • USA Swimming or (719) 866-4578 
  • To make a report, click here or call (720) 524-5640
    • For more information, click here


     5 Tips for Parents from USA Swimming     

  • Get educated: Education is the most important tool for combatting misconduct. Look for resources that can help you understand how abuse occurs and what you can do about it. 
  • Create healthy boundaries: It’s important to establish healthy boundaries between athletes and coaches and have clear expectations about the coach’s role. A coach is a teacher and a mentor, not a friend or peer.
  • Recognize and address high-risk areas:  For misconduct to take place, an offender needs privacy, access, and control. Some high-risk areas include travel, locker rooms & electronic communication.
  • Speak up and report misconduct: If you recognize problematic behavior, say something! Anne Marie Stricklin is TPA's Safe Sport representative. Contact her at [email protected] 
  • Talk to your kids: Ongoing and open communication with your children about appropriate boundaries will make it easier for them to talk to you if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable. 


     Important Documents     


     Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention (MAAP)     


     USA Swimming Resources