Age Group Competitive:

For swimmers achieving USA Motivational Time Standards as set by USA swimming.  Volume and yardage are now part of the development of competitive racing. The emphasis is equal between technique and yardage progression. Goal setting and commitment levels are introduced. Competitive meets are encouraged. Dry Land introduced. Must be legal in all four strokes. Age Group range is 10 to 14 years old with exceptions as approved by Coach. AAU & USA Registration are required. Minimum 75 % attendance otherwise counterproductive. Other activities and hobbies should work in conjunction, not against the competitive process. If this becomes the sport of choice attendance should be a minimum of 85%.

Coaching Fee: $100


Senior Competitive  

The training follows the swim season and Championship Meets schedule. Goals and commitment levels are made. Other activities are subordinate. Dry Land is part of the program requirements. Diet, nutrition, rest and recovery are part of the educational progression, along with social policies. Social activities should not interfere with the training or approved in advance. Sportsmanship, Scholarship, and Citizenship are part of the social development that coincides with training. Aerobic and Anaerobic training sessions and race pace training are part of the progression to the National Developmental program.

Target Group is 14 to 18 years old with exceptions as approved by Coach. USA registration required / AAU optional and encouraged.

Senior 85 % out of season and 100% expectation in season. National Dev Group 90 % out of season and 100 % in season.

Coaching Fee: $120