National Developmental and National Group:

By invitation only. With strict adherence to Goals and Guidelines as set forth by coach, approved by the swimmer, supported by the parent/parents. Swimmers are taught the elements and strategies of race execution, race planning, visualization, and various skills for varying races and distances. Yardage and technique are fundamental to the progression for National and Elite level competition. Swimmers will develop a skillset and mindset for all strokes and races for proficiency in every event and distance. Weight training can be part of the regiment. Strength and conditioning. Flexibility and range of motion are focus points for weight training. This program is a fully integrated swim program. All other events and activities are subordinate to the process. No dating team members is strongly advised. Vacation schedules and time off must be approved in advance during the initial Goal meeting for the upcoming season. 

Target Group 14 and older. USA Registration required. ( 100 % attendance )

Coaching Fee $140