Windermere Laker Aquatics services the greater Orlando aquatics culture and any athlete that joins Laker Swim Club should see his/her membership as a privilege.  With three simple principles:


We Will Think Like Champions…


The Laker Swim Club will commit ourselves to championship caliber athletic achievement and the constant improvement of the whole athlete: mind, body and spirit.


We expect the complete dedication and support of our athletes, coaching professional and administrative staff, and athlete’s families to the sound principles of leadership, individual and team achievement, and intense pride and loyalty.


The Laker Swim Club will focus on developing elite swimmers to compete at the highest levels of the sport. No shortcuts, no excuses, no complaints.


It is expected that the swimmers are consistent about coming to practice, and show up with a positive can do attitude


Swimmers should work together and encourage and push each other to the next level.



We Will Act Like Champions…


The Laker Swim Club will be known in the swim community by demonstrating our desire to being leaders, adhering to the commitment of high character, and outworking our peers in any endeavor.


The Laker Swim Club coaching staff is dedicated to providing a program for our athletes that will enable each and every individual to learn the value of striving to improve oneself, and become the best student athlete you can be.


Our athletes, coaches, administrators and families are expected to be encouraging, friendly and motivating to each other.  It is through this strength in numbers that we will all achieve together.


Laker Swim Club swimmers will be supportive of each other and have a healthy competition between them. The club will not allow the counterproductive actions of jealousy between athletes, coaches, families and other clubs within the swim community.



The Laker Swim Club will operate in a culture of constant process improvement, constantly updating and improving the Laker Swim Club program. It is the responsibility of athletes and parents to make the most out of the opportunity to be part of the solution to achieving excellence.



We Will Swim Like Champions…


The goal of the Laker Swim Club is to develop the reputation where elite swimmers come to train based on superior coaching and facilities in total alignment to the values and ethics of the prestigious reputation of the Windermere Preparatory School.


Athlete success will be celebrated as a team success.


The athletes and coaches of The Laker Swim Club will maximize our effort in every competition, in every setting where skill, determination, and hard work combine to achieve successful results.


The Laker Swim Club will allow the coaches to coach. The coach will be in total control in matters affecting training and competition. The coach will supervise and provide consistent feedback to the swimmer during practice as well as meets.


We will celebrate our successes with the humility of a champion, who will act as if the success was planned all along. Because it was planned-  through hard work and dedication.



Coach’s Expectations of the Student-Athlete


1. It is expected that every swimmer show up to practice with a positive, can do attitude. 


2. It is expected that every swimmer honor his/her teammates with 100% effort


3. It is expected that every swimmer does things correctly and provides an open mind to coaching