Laker Team Fees + Responsibilities

Group Name 

(*Requires USAS + Laker
Registration Fees ($85/each)

Monthly Dues
Little Lakers- One on One $25/20 minute lesson (~$100/month)
Little Lakers- Bronze $100
Little Lakers- Silver $115
Little Lakers- Gold $120
Orange 1/2 $145*
Discovery R $155*
Discovery X $165*
Age Group Development $145*
Age Group $175*
Senior Development $160*
Senior $185*


There are many costs involved in operating the swim team. Below is a list of what is and is not covered by your program fees:

Covered: Coaches’ Salaries, Pool Rental Fees, Dues, Team Registration, General Operating Costs, etc.

Not Covered: Suit, Cap, Goggles, any other training equipment, team clothing, and special events, invitational and championship meet costs


Team Dues:

The monthly payments are processed at midnight on the 1st of every month. Accounts must be current by the 5th of the month, otherwise the account will incur a $20 admin fee. 

There is NO prorating.

  • Team dues for training groups are paid in advance.​ Accounts with late meet fees, or training group monthly dues (Orange through Senior) that are late for 3 consecutive months will be barred from registering for meets.
  • Lessons dues are paid for minutes completed the month prior. Lessons accounts (One-on-One, Gold, Silver, Bronze) that are late for 3 consecutive months will be suspended. Missed lessons must be notified 48 hours in advance. Lessons that are "No Call-No Shows" will be billed as if they were completed.


Payment Procedures:

The last week of each month you will receive an email with a billing summary. The billing summary will show what will be charged for the previous month. If there are any issues, please let the administration know by the 25th of the month. For Credit Card or ACH payments the charge will take place the 1st of the month.

Check payments will only be accepted in person.

If dues are 60 days’ delinquent, the swimmer(s) will not be able to continue to practice or attend meets until the account becomes current.


Withdrawal Procedures:

Withdrawal notices must be received by the 25th of the month prior to withdrawal.

A SWIMMER IS NOT CONSIDERED WITHDRAWN FROM THE PROGRAM UNTIL WRITTEN NOTICE OF THE WITHDRAWAL IS RECEIVED BY THE CLUB AT [email protected]. Communication must include your child's name and their group's name. Verbal or written communication of withdrawal to your swimmer's coach is not sufficient.

Any charges incurred due to incorrect or late withdrawal procedure are the responsibility of the family.
Refunds will not be issued. Notices recieved after the 1st will have the amount credited to their account for future use.


Meet Fees:

After the entry deadline a preliminary entry report will be emailed out. At that point you will have approximately 48 hours to email your coach with any questions or changes. Once the deadline is up and the final entry report is emailed out, families are responsible for all entry fees. There will be no refunds. Details of the charge will be available in your account.


Family Participation:

We want to preserve Windermere Prep’s reputation for hosting first class events and to continue to have that reputation we need 100% participation from our membership with each of our swim meets. Each family is responsible for volunteering during at least 2 sessions at Laker hosted events. 


Financial Assistance

Please contact our administrator for information regarding financial assistance at [email protected]Inquiries, the application process, and awards of assistance are kept confidential.