FAQs & Policies


  1. When should my child learn to swim? Swim lessons should begin as early as possible. Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children under 4 years old. Initially, the child will not learn to swim like we see in the Olympics, they will be learning to roll over, float on their backs to be able to breathe and other important safety skills. 

  2. What should I bring to the swim lesson? Please bring a swimsuit your child is comfortable in, a couple of towels and a bathrobe or something warm to put on after the lesson. Goggles are highly recommended as are swim caps. 

  3. Can my child wear a floatation device? Floats, swimmies, water wigs, puddle jumpers, life vests, etc are strictly PROHIBITED during lessons.  Flotation devices prevent your child from learning the proper techniques and mechanics of swimming.  Your child’s instructor will ensure that your child stays afloat until they can do it independently.

  4. Does my child need to have swimming experience to be a Windermere Laker Lesson Student? No. Windermere Lakers offers a Program for swimmers of all levels, from infants to adults.

  5. Do I have to attend Windermere Prep to participate in the Laker swim program? No, the Lakers swim team and swim lessons are open to all. 

  6. Does my child need to have any prior swimming experience? No prior experience necessary, we’ll teach everything your swimmer needs to know from first dipping their toes in the pool. 

  7. Do the Windermere Lakers offer discounts for multiple siblings? Because each child receives the same experienced instruction in our classes it is not possible to offer discounts.

  8. How frequently should my child take swim lessons? The most important role of a parent or guardian during swim lessons is to be positive and patient with your swimmer's success. There is no set pace for your child's swimming improvement. We recommend at least 8 private lessons back to back for our “new” non-swimmers. Some children might need 12 – 16 lessons to become pool safe. These initial lessons provide time for the child to understand the necessary skills, develop a relationship with the swim instructor, and feel safe in the pool. We consider a child pool safe when they can swim independently, float on their back for an extended amount of time without panic or fear, and can successfully swim back to the side of the pool without assistance.

  9. What if I have to miss a week of lessons? No problem. We do require 48 hrs notice if you will not be in attendance. If you have 3 "no call no shows" or late cancellations (less than 48 hours), your spot will be released to another family. Please communicate with your instructor to inform them that you’ll miss a lesson at least 48 hours in advance. From there you and your lesson instructor can coordinate either a specific make-up lesson or a few lessons to add extra time to ensure you get your 80 minutes for the month. 

  10. Do you have swim lessons during holidays? No, we will always have a week off for Thanksgiving, Christmas-New Years, Spring Break, and Memorial Day straight into a week off

  11. Where do I go for my first lesson? 

​​Windermere Prep Location (6189 Winter Garden Vineland Rd, Windermere, FL 34786)

When arriving at the Windermere Prep campus, inform the guard station that you’re coming for swim lessons. After driving through the gate, veer to the right and follow the road until you see the baseball field. You’re welcome to park in any of the spaces in that area near the baseball field/roundabout. 

You should see the athletics building and pool, right next to the roundabout. You should see a covered outdoor area with picnic tables, follow the sidewalk in between that covered area and the pool and enter the back side of the pool through the gate. Your instructor will be on deck in Windermere Lakers attire, if you don’t see them they may be in the pool with another lesson. Feel free to ask anyone on the deck Lakers gear to help you out!

Dorm Location (11625 Lachlan Ln, Windermere, FL 34786) 

Turn off Winter Garden Vineland Road and drive just past the dentist, you should see some black fencing. Park in any of the parallel spots along this road. If you get to the roundabout you have gone too far. Along the black fence there is a door with a passcode on it, let your instructor know you’ve arrived and wait here to be let in!​