Meet Entry Policy

1.     Log on to your account through the web page.

2.     Click on the Upcoming Events tab

3.     Find the meet that you would like to attend

4.     Click Attend this Event/ Edit Commitment (Button under the meet)

5.     Click on your swimmer’s name

6.     *Declare:      Yes, please sign up (swimmer’s name) for this event

No, thanks (swimmer’s name) will NOT attend this event

7.     Notes: Add what days of the meet that you would like your swimmer entered.

a.     Please enter Jaime Friday and Saturday only. She will NOT be able to attend the meet on Sunday because we have a family commitment.

b.     Please enter Jaime in all sessions of the meet.

8.     Click SAVE CHANGES! If you do not click SAVE CHANGES, you will not have completed the commitment process.

If you have multiple swimmers repeat steps 5- 8.