Greater Tampa Swim Association is a year-round competitive swim program that has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1957. Our goal is to bring the joy of swimming to all levels of swimmers in our community. We are a non profit club, is run by its elected Board of Directors. All members are welcome at each meeting and encouraged to be involved in team activities and fundraisers.


Our Masters Team was started in 2006. Since then it has grown to include training groups at the University of Tampa Pool and Bobby Hicks Pool. Each practice is lead by a certified coach with years of coaching experience, as well as personal experience competing at an elite level. 


Our coaching staff is dedicated to working with a wide variety of athletes form varying swimming backgrounds; from extreme novice swimmers to former collegiate athletes, triathletes, open water and recreational swimmers. Our coaching staff understands that each athlete has their own goals and aspirations, as well as concerns, limitations, and even fears. We are here to help every one of our athletes every step of the way along their journey to reaching their ultimate goals in the water. Coaches can help you fix technical flaws, build an aerobic base, learn to swim all four strokes, or just get into over all better shape. 


Our team home to athletes who compete at the national level in and out of the pool. Many of our masters swimmers compete at USMS nationals each year. But a growing number also compete in open water races all over the state and country. Still others are highly competitive triathletes, racing on some of the toughest courses around the U.S. 


But do not be intimidated! In our pools, you will also find many swimming newbies. People who did not find the joy of swimming until later in life. We welcome swimmers of all skill levels. Our workouts are set up so that anyone can join and be successful on their own pace. 



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our coaches for more info. 


See you at the pool!