Pool Deck Rules for Parents during Practice

We ask that you keep the pool decks available for our swimmers and coaches to use as needed. To that end, please note the following:

  • Parents may watch from the deck, but must not interfere with practices unless it is important.
  • Parents. if you have questions/concerns/or discussions for a coach, please ask via email or before/after practice. 


Locker Room Policy 

Locker rooms at the pools BTSR uses are public/member spaces. FLUiD athletes are allowed to use the locker rooms at the pool, but the following rules must be followed or privileges may be revoked:

  • No horseplay or foul language. Be respectful of all users of the facility.
  • Turn off showers when done using them and clean up after yourself.
  • Do not move benches or other furniture in the locker rooms.
  • Do not leave your belongings overnight.
  • Absolutely no photos or video recordings are allowed in locker rooms.
  • Vaping/smoking or other use of illegal substances is prohibited in locker rooms and at all facilities in use by , and BTSR.
  • Parents assisting young swimmers in the locker room must use the locker room that matches the parent’s gender.

Photo/Video Policy

By registering your child(ren) for Fluid Swim Team, you agree to allow all photos/videos taken of your child(ren) by Fluid staff during the season to be made available to Fluid for general use on the website, for the media, or for use at swimming meets.

Swimmers and parents are not allowed to take pictures or videos during practices without head coach approval.

At no time can photos or videos be taken from behind swimmers. All photos/videos at meets must be taken from the front or the side per USA Swimming rules.

Team Suits

Fluid does not require members to wear team suits for practice, but at meets members are required to wear a team suit and a Fluid cap. 

Nutritional Supplements

Fluid Swim Team is a USA Swimming member and as such we abide by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) rules. All Fluid members are encouraged to keep up-to-date on current rules by visiting www.usada.org. Any legal nutritional or pre/post-workout supplements should be used responsibly and with the full knowledge and consent of parents of minors. Fluid does not monitor use or condone overuse of any supplements. Open mixing or consumption of supplements observed at practices or meets will be addressed and may be prohibited by Fluid coaches and staff, and parents of minors will be notified as needed.

Safe Sport

Fluid Swim Team abides by USA Swimming Safe Sport rules, code of conduct, and athlete protection policies.

Voluntary Account Suspension/Withdrawal from Club

 If you need to put your account on hold for the month please notify the Fluid Treasurer, Marta Barber, at Fluidswimteam@gmail.com two weeks before the 1st of the month.A swimmer is not considered suspended or withdrawn from the program until written notice is received by the club. It is not sufficient to inform a coach of your intent to suspend membership or withdraw from the club. If written notice is not received before a charge for the next month or season is applied to your account, there will be no refund.