Event Fundraising
2022 Swim-A-Thon
DIVE IN to help out YOUR team!
Time: 6:00 PM
EIN: 65-0506364
San Carlos Park Pool
Maria Medina Email
Our fundraising campaign is now open and runs through June 7, 2022!

This is our ONLY fundraiser of 2022 so DIVE IN and help your team out!!

Each swimmer has a minimum goal based on the group they are swimming in.

USA Swimming Foundation is funded by Swim A Thon programs throughout the country and we give 5% of our total funds raised back...this helps to support learn-to- swim programs to help prevent accidents while providing fun in the pool, as well as providing funds to build a stronger team at home

We raise money from family, friends, local sponsors and corporate sponsors...Door to Door, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, email, text, and the good old USPS, whichever you choose to use!
Participants | Rank 0/81
$1,650.00 Chloe Lohser
$1,650.00 Charlotte Lohser
$1,545.00 Aubrey Maupin
$1,050.00 Callen Bonhoff
Top Roster (amount)
$5,350.00 Bronze Team
$4,685.00 Silver Team
$3,862.50 Gold Team
$3,242.50 Senior Team
$1,080.00 Novice Team
Top Locations (amount)
$11,790.00 FGCU Aquatic Center
$7,205.00 San Carlos Park Pool