Become a USA Swimming Volunteer Official

Meet new people and have great food at meets, all while helping young swimmers and the team. 

We are always looking for a few good men, and women!

It's a great way to fulfill our required Service Obligation requirements. 

We need officials to help run our meets that financially benefit our club. 


You can download a Stroke and Turn CLINIC packet from the Officials Forms Tab on

2. PAPERWORK:  Complete the Free USA 60 day Apprentice Form

(This temporary one time Free 60 day apprentice membership complies with Safe Sport Regulations and is effective starting from the first day of apprenticing on deck. Before the expiration of the 60-day free membership, you would need to complete the current Non Athlete Membership Form, pay the annual USA membership, and submit to the FL Swim office.)

3. OPEN Free USA Account Deck Pass online and generate a Stroke & Turn/Timer

Certification Test. Complete Open Rulebook test with passing score of 80% as you are already beginning your apprenticeship. Do not use your child’s account or anyone else’s- it

should be your own username and password with your information so you are credited with your completed requirements. This test is recommended to be started soon after the clinic (or can be done before) as it will help you become familiar with the technical rules and their location in the current year USA Swimming rulebook.

USA Swimming Officials Page

For more questions, send an e-mail to