Don Henshaw
May 13, 2019

It seems as the Summer Thunderstorm pattern has started early this year.   We have lightning detection systems at all of our pools.  Our coaches also monitor Weatherbug, and The Weather Channel apps as well as local news / weather apps.

Wondering about pratice cancellations or changes due to weather?

1. Download the ONDECK app from your app store to your smart phone. It's free, and we send out info to you from ONDECK.

2. View the Lightning Countdown Meter for San Carlos, and FGCU on the Pool Locations page for each site.  We do not presently have this feature for Bonita Springs.

3.  View Weatherbug, Weather Channel, and local news / weather apps for the latest information.

If threatening weather pops up during practice, we will send you an alert by text, notifications, and e-mail. 

Please be ready to respond and pick up your child from the pool ASAP.

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