Don Henshaw
Aug 11, 2019


It’s that time of year.  2020 USA Swimming Athlete Registrations start on August 12th.


Here’s the details:

  • 2020 Membership registration opens on Monday, 8/12 for $85.
  • 2019 Memberships are good until 12/31/19 so you don’t have to register during this time but you will miss the reduced rate.
  • This is for a Premium Membership good until 12/31/20 (Active members only).
  • On October 1st, the Premium Membership will go up to $105 until the end of the year.
  • You must login and use the Online Registration System just like when you joined the team.


To start registration, click the blue box on the home page labeled “Join / Register”.

Click the green box at the bottom of the page labeled “Continue or Check Status

All waivers must be checked and payment by credit card made upon registration.

You will need to add your swimmer as a member. Their information is already in the system.

Make sure to select 2020 Membership Renewal.

Close out to complete the registration.


Start Registration Here