Del Rio Pool Membership


  • All swimmers who were not members of the Greater Tampa Swim Association (GTSA) this past season must attend a tryout before joining the team.
  • There is no cost to try out.
  • The minimum requirement for acceptance onto the GTSA is to be able to complete one length of the pool freestyle and one length backstroke, each without stopping.

Please contact Tammy Hoffmeier at [email protected] for a try-out.


  • Any swimmers who were members of Greater Tampa Swim Association (GTSA) this past season may register
  • Register for your current group unless a coach has notified you that you will be in a different group.
  • Pricing and other membership info included in registration platform.
  • If your child's swim group is at its maximum amount of swimmers that the team can manage you will be placed on our waiting list or placed in a lower group.