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For USA swim meets, all swimmers must be USA Swimming registered in advance of the meet.  In the past, I could register you online, and then pass the membership fee along to your Seminole Aquatics account.  
USA Swimming is doing it differently now, and now the task is on the parent/ family to register their own child.  Now, I had to set up my own account, so I'm living proof that it can be done.   You will have to go online and do your own USA registration.  Thanks in advance for not shooting the messenger . . . 
I'm attaching instructions in this email from Florida Swimming's office on how to login to complete the USA registration process.  Vanessa Brewer at Florida Swimming is incredibly kind and patient; she has told me to have our parents call her with any questions, if they get stuck in the process.  Her number is 352-242-5145.  But please, try to follow the instructions in the attachment before calling on Vanessa.  
When you follow the INSTRUCTIONS provided, Part One of those instructions tells you to click on the link provided by your club.  Click  HERE for that link.
As you navigate the registration process, please select a Premium membership.  This allows your child to participate in unlimited USA meets thru the end of the year, and for parents doing this after August, it's good thru December 31 of the following year.  You still have to pay the team meet fees for entry, of course.
For USA meets, the swimmer must be registered via USA Swimming.  In the event that this is not completed before the beginning of the meet, your child's times will not count as official times and be part of the USA database.
I wish that I could simply register your child like we have in the past.  Again, this is something that has come down from USA Swimming.  Having done this process myself, I know that it IS possible.  But, it may take just a bit of time and patience on your part.
So . . .
  1.  Take the time to read through the attached instructions.
  2. Click on that link described in Part One of the instructions.
  3. Select Premium membership.
  4. Call Vanessa Brewer at Florida Swimming if you truly get stuck.
  6. Finally, thanks, as always, for being a part of OUR team!
  8. Tony Ackerson
  9. Head Coach
  10. Seminole Aquatics