Coronavirus Update

Andy Robins

Dear LAS Swimmers and Families,

Following the decision of the Administration of Florida Southern College to limit the use of its facilities due to the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to update you on the situation with our team and our plans moving forward.  Obviously, at the time the decision was disappointing.  Based on the latest recommendations from the experts as well as the various organizations involved (CDC, WHO, State of Florida, USA Swimming, etc.) the decision was clearly warranted and in the best interest of our community. 

The circumstances continue to change daily, and even hourly.  At the moment our plan is to suspend all LAS activity until at least March 30, and possibly longer.  As that date nears we will reassess the situation and make a decision on how best to move forward.  We appreciate your patience and understanding and encourage each of our families to closely monitor the latest information and follow the recommendations of the experts in order to ensure the health and safety of all of our families and our community.

Thank you,