These articles are very helpful tools for all parents.  They are published by the American Swim Coaches Association.

News for Swim Parents

Parent & Coach...The Other Stuff

The Purpose of Travel Swim Meets for Swim Teams

The Ten Commandments for Parents of Athletic Children

Thoughts on Age Group Development

Competition and Children

Swim Meet Basics for Parents

Are you a Pressure Parent?

Everybody into the Pool The challenges and rewards of multiple swimmer families.

Extinguishing Burnout 10 steps to stay a happy swimmer.

The Ideal Swimming Parent Writen from the Coaches Viewpoint


One of the building blocks of quality training is good nutrition. The articles and tools in this section offer a variety of tips to help parents fuel their swimmers for training and competition.

Analyze Your Diet What are your nutrient needs and are you meeting them?

Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplements are everywhere. What does a parent need to know?

Eating Colorful Foods: Anti-Oxidants vs Free Radicals

Fueling Your Stroke

How Much is Enough? A swimmer’s energy requirement depends on several variables.

Healthy Meals for Swimmers on the go

Timing is Everything When it comes to optimal nutrition, timing really is everything.

Fluids - Water vs Sports Drinks


Your Child’s Training

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Growth and Development

Frequently Asked Questions