18 & Under World 100s
Florida Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 200


T.B.A.C. Brandon, as a branch of Tampa Bay Aquatic Club, is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters excellence - every day!

Most importantly, T.B.A.C. Brandon strives to make a positive contribution to the swim community and to our athletes’ character development.  We strive to help each individual see that lessons learned as a swimmer can help them succeed in life as they grow into adulthood.  Winning and improving in the water builds mental and physical discipline, integrity, determination, and sportsmanship.  T.B.A.C. swimmers win team and individual local, state and national titles; swimmers drop times and improve on individual performance. and while they achieve, they are constantly reminded that it is the “Championship Behavior”, not the championship, which is ultimately important to long term success, in and out of the pool.

T.B.A.C. is a USA Swimming and Florida Swimming registered team. T.B.A.C. is a USA Swimming Silver Medal for Excellence recipient and recognized as one of the top 100 swim clubs in the U.S. TBAC is comprised of three main branches throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.  

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