18 & Under World 100s
Florida Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 200

The primary goal of the organization is to foster in each swimmer “championship behavior” that will not only facilitate success in the pool, but in the home, the classroom and the community at large. Through the organization’s commitment to excellence, it works to facilitate a rewarding and positive competitive swimming experience for each and every young swimmer that comprises T.B.A.C. Brandon. By instilling a commitment to training, preparation, teamwork and sportsmanship through competitive swimming, each T.B.A.C. Brandon swimmer will be prepared with the skills and tools that will lead to lifelong success.

Our message: “Success begins with a solid foundation of commitment to excellence, championship behavior, goal setting and work ethic; these qualities are taught to our swimmers every day.”

The secondary goal of the organization is to further serve the community, by providing a Masters Swimmer program for adult swimmers and a youth swim lesson program for beginning swimmers.

The organization, through fundraising and volunteerism provides the means by which the goals of TBAC Brandon are supported. Additionally, the organization provides administrative, direct financial and material support, allowing the coaching staff to concentrate on the proper development and support of the swimmers, mentoring them to reach their full potential. 

The secondary, yet equally important goal of the organization is to ensure that T.B.A.C. Brandon is a sustainable and quality option for the young competitive swimmers of eastern Hillsborough County and the greater Brandon area. 

In early July 2010, a group of concerned parents realized that eastern Hillsborough County and the greater Brandon area had limited opportunities and a limited support infrastructure to promote youth competitive swimming. As a result, these concerned parents established TBAY Brandon, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the fostering and support of competitive swimming. Subsequently TBAY Brandon submitted a proposal to the Coaches’ Board of Tampa Bay Aquatics (TBAY) to establish a branch in eastern Hillsborough County.  TBAY consistently performed as one of the top swim clubs in the State of Florida with a strong history of supporting and fostering competitive swimming throughout the Tampa Bay area. Upon the affirmative vote of the TBAY Coaches’ Board, TBAY Brandon, a branch of TBAY, was officially established on September 12, 2010. March 12, 2018, TBAY Brandon became Tampa Bay Aquatic Club (T.B.A.C.)

     TBAY Brandon first practice August 2010