Georgia Swimming

Parent Information

This section provides information for parents regarding our current season, contracts and medical forms. If new to the team, please read over the information packet and if interested in learning more, please email the team. If you have already tried out and are needing to sign up with the team, please print out a filled out contract and medical form and return it to practice.


Current By-Laws

Safe Sport

As an USA Swimming team, the Blue Tide Swim Team is required to implement the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP). The policy is posted in this section as well as exception forms if parents require. The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy must be reviewed and agreed to in writing by all athletes, parents, coaches and other non-athlete members of member clubs on an annual basis with such written agreement to be retained by the club. If you do require an exception to the policy (i.e. transportation to/from practice or meets or hotel stays), please print and fill out the exception form and return it to a coach of Board Member.


This section provides oinformation on current fundraisers that the team is conducting.  Please visit this page to get information and necessary forms for the fundraiser.  If you would like to contribute to a fundraiser, please contact the Blue Tide Swim Team.


This section provides one page pamphlets on questions that parents have had regarding the sport of swimming, season definitions, what to bring to a meet, etc. If there is a topic that you have a question on, please email the Blue Tide Swim Team and we will get the information posted!