Columbus Aquatic Club | HURR - Fees and Registration

REGISTRATION OPENS Monday, August 10, 2022


Swimmers may join The Columbus Aquatic Club at any time of the year. Registration can only be done after your child has been evaluated by one of our coaches.  Evaluations are done by appointment only. See "Join Team" Tab for evaluation information.

Group placement is subject to coach approval even through evaluation for new swimmers or group assignment notification for returning members.  If you are not sure of your group assignment, please speak with a coach.

Category 1 & 2 have two (2) practice options (A & B).  Please choose based on practice schedule posted on team website. [PRACTICE SCHEDULE]

We thank you for joining the Columbus Aquatic Club and are excited for another great season!

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: $84 + 1st Month's (Sept) Membership per Practice Group – includes Business Manager Admin Fee, silicone team cap, two (2) team t-shirts (short-course season Sept - April / long-course season April - Aug) and administration fee. 

REQUIRED **NEW** USA SWIMMING FEE - $86: Each family will need to register each swimmer indiviudally through a registration link that will be provided by team. Link will be sent out sometime in August. This is a **NEW** USA Swimming policy and practice for the **NEW** SWIMS 3.0 Database. 

In the past the team registered and paid for each swimmer and that fee was **INCLUDED** in our yearly registration fee. 

SWIM FEES  (Yearly 5 % discount if paid in full, before Sept 15th only)  -- billing for Swim Fees is for 9 installments. If you join in September and stay with us through May, June, July & August will not be charged. 

Roster Group



Category One (CAT 1)   



Category Two (CAT 2)



Category Three (CAT 3)



Category Four (CAT 4)



Category Five (CAT 5)






Masters --- * click here for registration (MASTERS)





There is a 20% discount on the second child and a 50% discount on the third child, 4th child is free.  Highest groups are always the first swimmer followed by the next in line when determining billing. This only applies to your monthly billing, NOT the initial registration fee. 



Swim meets are hosted throughout the year here at the Columbus Aquatic Center.  In order to successfully host these meets, volunteers are needed to fulfill various responsibilities.  Families are expected to volunteer at all meets that your child is swimming as needed. 


The Columbus Aquatic Club will offer 2 team-wide fundraisers during the swim season.  100% family participation is expected.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Note: If you decide to discontinue swimming during the year, to join back in the same year there will be a $50 administration fee given that there is space to rejoin.  However, the registration fee is good for the entire year.

*** Monthly payments are due by the 1st of each month.  If dues aren't paid by the 10th of each month, then a $25 assessment fee will be accessed.

If paying by check (there maybe events that call for this),  please make check payable to Columbus Aquatic Club and mail to the following address:

1515 18th Ave 
Columbus, GA 

*In cases of financial hardship, please contact Head Coach | CEO, Andrew Beggs

Email [email protected]

Phone 610.742.8114