2019 Bluefin Awards Banquet

John Pepper
Mar 20, 2019


Our annual awards banquet will be on April 19th at the WPA Center located at 590 N Cliff St, Carrollton, GA 30117. Our banquet will handout awards to all the swimmers and we say goodbye to our graduating seniors. With this being said, we need pictures for our slide show. These pictures need to be from practice, swim meets and other events that are Bluefin events. Once we have received all the pictures, we will construct the slide show.

We will have a pasta bar for our banquet that will include chicken alfredo, spaghetti with meat sauce and non-meat sauce.

Prices for the banquet will be $15.00 for adults and $12.00 for swimmers and kids under 18. To pay, call 770-832-1161 or visit www.cprcad.org

Below are the awards given out minus the coaches awards to swimmers. Our award period goes from April 1 to March 31.

Swimmer of the Year – The coaching staff will select a boy and girl from to be recognized as Swimmer of the Year. The Swimmer of the Year shall be selected without regard to age groups. When reviewing candidates for this award, the coaches will take into consideration the swimmer’s attitude, attendance, performance, and success within the individual’s own ability during the year.

Rookie of the Year – given to one outstanding Rookie swimmer based on overall contribution to the team, attitude, attendance, performance, and success within the individual’s own ability during the year. This award is to be presented only when a rookie clearly deserves it, and, is not necessarily an annual award. This award is given to a 10 and Under and 11 and older both a boy and a girl.

Improvement – given to a 10 and Under AND an 11 and Older boy and girl who have shown the most skill improvement based on their own level of ability.

Top Fin Award – presented to the one swimmer who most exemplifies the characteristics necessary to be the best overall swim team member. This is not necessarily an annual award. The characteristics shall include the following:

1. Shows service to the team through a minimum of three years of active, and, successful participation.

2. Must be a superior swimmer as evidenced by continuous outstanding performances throughout the year.

3. Shows a willingness to serve the team by encouraging younger swimmers, aiding in instruction, sacrificing personal goals for team success, and exhibiting general team leadership.

4. Has a high degree of “coachability” including a dedication to hard work, a willingness to listen, and a strong desire to do one’s best in all he or she may attempt.

5. Exhibits an overall high standard of good character, particularly in terms of setting an example of leadership for the rest of the team.

Spirit Award – This award shall be presented to a boy and girl chosen by written ballot by the swimmers attending the banquet.

The Chuck Hutchins Attendance Award – This award is given in memory of Chuck Hutchins who swam for the Bluefin Swim Team before losing a battle to cancer in 1993. This award will be given to the boy and girl who have the highest practice attendance average for the entire year.

Senior Swimmer Award and Gift – Swimmers who are 18 years old and “aging out” of the Bluefin program shall be considered for a special senior swimmer award. To be eligible to receive this award, a swimmer must complete a minimum of three years of successful participation on the team. (A year of successful participation will be defined as a swimmer paying dues for at least 9 months during any year.)

The gift amount is decided on by the swim team parent advisory board and is not to exceed more than $400 ($100 for each year of High School). *Award will be reviewed based on team financial stability

Team Record Breaker Award – Presented to any swimmer who breaks a team record, either individually, or, as part of a relay representing the Bluefin Swim Team at an electronically timed swim meet only.

USA Swimming Triple A and Quad A Time Earners – Swimmers who earn these times shall be recognized at the awards banquet if earned while representing the Bluefin Swim Team.