Boomers In Training (BIT)

Our Boomers Swim Academy is a Pre-Competitive swimming program offered through the Camden County Boomers Swim Club that bridges the gap between swim lessons and the swim team. Guppy swimmers learn the building blocks of swimming and the fundamentals to competitive swimming. We cannot accept your child in the Guppies if he or she has never been exposed to swimming. Guppies is NOT a learn-to-swim program for non-swimmers, but rather a precursor to the Boomers for children five years old and up with some experience in the water.

Practice Days & Times

  • 4 times a week for 2 weeks (8 lessons) Tuesday through Friday


  • $60 Per swimmer per session

More Questions?

To learn more about the Boomers in Training program, please click here for a downloadable, informational pamphlet. To register, please fill out the following forms and turn them in to one of our coaches or board members.