The Boomers will use the following guidelines in the event of bad weather: Safety for our members and staff is our first priority. The board is constantly watching the weather each day and will make a decision based on what is best for our teams safety.  

 IMPORTANT: Emails, texts and OnDeck push notifications will be sent to notify parents of updates.  We will also keep our Facebook page updated in the event that you can not check/do not receive your emails. 

1)  RAIN:  The Boomers will not have dry land practice if it's raining. However, we will hold swim practice if raining without the threat of thunderstorms.
2) LIGHTNING/THUNDER:   30 MINUTES. We have to wait at least 30 minutes from the last visual lighting strike or sound of thunder before your children can enter the pool area. 
3)  DELAYED PRACTICES: BE PATIENT PLEASE. We try to wait until the very last minute to cancel practice, especially as fast as the weather changes. Safety is our first concern! We will sometimes delay practice if the storm looks to pass through the area quickly.  We do our best to p ractice in the pool at least 1 hour after being delayed. 
4) COLD WEATHER/WIND : Although our pool is heated during the winter months there may be times we cancel due to extreme cold temperatures. We take into account wind speeds and wind chill factors when making the decision to cancel practice. 
If there are any questions, please use the "contact us" feature on the website and one of the board members will respond.