What is Chattahoochee Gold Swimming?

It is a year-around swim club that also offers a learn-to-swim program. Gold provides professional coaching for each group level. We employ an experienced staff that runs organized, fun, challenging practices where we teach the essentials of swimming, as well as life skills that our swimmers will practice outside of the water.

From the beginning of our story

When Pat and Beth Murphy formed Chattahoochee Gold in 1992, they welcomed the chance to design a team from the ground up. As the team grew and came into focus, so did the staff's vision of what was possible. They found that there were acts of inspiration and courage in everyday events around them.

What can those of us, to whom fate has been kinder, do with similar determination?

In 1996, the community rallied around the opportunity to build a pre-Olympic training site nearby. With only a five-month window, the funds were raised, land donated, and a 50-meter pool constructed at our Woodstock site. In June 1996, the Russian Olympic swim team came to our town, trained in this pool, and stayed with area families.

Just as we all have a still sharp memory of the moment when we exceeded all expectations, and the future of who we might become seemed unlimited, we seek to provide the same experience for your child. This experience is based on the simple truth that talent is God-given, but the effort is ours alone.

Our team is a place where the seldom-heard words commitment, integrity, and inspiration are spoken every day. The staff has the honor of winning a parent's trust in the one thing that is the most valuable and irreplaceable thing they know. This is a place where hard work pays off. This is a sport where boys and girls train together, from preschool through college in a consistent, positive atmosphere, creating gender respect largely missing from other sports. The children involved in Chattahoochee Gold are among the very best children we know, the future leaders of our community. What we are truly doing is nation-building, one small citizen at a time.

We believe that we are blazing a trail for other coach-owned, coach-run teams. In recent years there has been an explosion in this area. In 2001, Coach Pat Murphy spoke at the World Coaches Swim Clinic on this topic.

We are leading the way for coaches to grow professionally in the most organized youth sport in America. Through these efforts, we continue to provide greater team stability and even better service to our customers.