Chattahoochee Gold has a tradition of giving back to members of our local community that need it the most. All gifts must be turned in by December 11th. This way we can organize and make sure these families and dogs can get their gifts by Christmas.

We do this by “adopting” local families and other specialty groups in need—this year the specialty group is Frankie and Andy’s Place: a senior dog sanctuary. Dogs come there to live out the rest of their days in peace and fun through a holistic and organic approach. Most of these dogs are deemed “too old” to be adoptable—we are so happy to be able to help make these pups’ lives a little easier.

Each of our paper ornaments has a Family and a number with items listed on it: This indicates which family your generous gift goes to and confirms they are getting the gifts that they need/requested. If you want to be extra generous, we will never deny that generosity to out families. We just ask you purchase the gifts off of the tree first.

With our associated Swim team, we aim to help 7 families as well as Frankie and Andy’s Place. For the families, we have written a brief description below:

  1. Family 1: Mom was in a very abusive situation and the two girls and herself left with what they had on. They took nothing. They live in a shelter now.

  2. Family 2: The boy from this family was removed from an unfit mother and place with his grandmother who is not a person of means.

  3. Family 3: The family is homeless but both parents have low paying jobs and have a hard time making enough money for shelter and food.

  4. Family 4: Another homeless family. Dad works; but Mom has a serious ailment and is disable.

  5. Family 5: Mom has cancer and is pregnant and unable to work. No help from a father so the family has fallen on hard times.

  6. Family 6: These girls have been moved around in the foster care system. Mom is in jail and thy just got placed with their dad and stepmom. One of the girls has cystic fibrosis.

  7. Family 8: Single dad of 2 girls. Dad works very long and late hours to provide. They are homeless and living with a family friend.

Take a tag or 2—when you bring back the gift, make sure the tag is SECURELY fastened to the gift and visible. We love that you want to wrap it and feel free; but, we need to know who it is for and what it is via the tag. That way it can reach it’s correct family by Christmas. If you have a gift card, please put it in an envelope and attach the tag on it with tape, so that it is visible. The tag needs to be on the gift.

For additional information about our giving tree, click here for a pdf handout.

Join us in our tradition of giving.